What Is ISO 9001 And Why Does Handling Concepts Comply As An Established Business?

ISO 9001 is internationally recognised as the benchmark standard for quality management systems (QMS).

It represents the standards of the businesses from whom you are buying goods or services and identifies traits of excellence and consistent product quality. Handling Concepts believes in the benefits of ISO 9001 and has invested in certified training programmes to provide clear and effective opportunities for continuous improvement to business processes that ensure the best possible outcome for customers.

ISO 9001 accreditation has resulted in Handling Concepts’ customers enjoying the following benefits:

Customer Satisfaction

Customers experience a dedicated sales process from a first enquiry to installation of a project and beyond. This well-defined process is adopted and adhered to by all staff and gives you the confidence that you will find the solution to achieve your lifting needs to meet your requirements and constraints.

Improved Products/Service Range

Supplying materials handling solutions for national and international customers has provided Handling Concepts with expert knowledge of the unique environments where the equipment will be used. This results in a detailed understanding of the best products to meet your needs and provides you with a range of outcomes to achieve your goals.

Legal Compliance

By working in partnership with Handling Concepts, you will have the benefit of reassurance that the statutory and regulatory requirements that impact on your organisation will be addressed and your obligations will be met.

Improved Risk Management

A greater consistency and traceability of products and services helps you to avoid supply chain problems and provides you with easy access to material handling solutions, so you can experience first class customer service.

Proven Business Credentials

You can be confident that you are working with a supplier who has been independently verified against a globally recognised industry standard.


ISO 9001 standards have been adopted by Handling Concepts to build confidence and reassurance for customers and to ensure that high-quality handling solutions are delivered consistently on time, on budget, and safely.

If you would like to experience a high level of customer service whilst finding your handling solution, please contact us today.

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