About Us

We are a team of highly skilled design and production engineers with a team of support staff, expert in providing materials handling solutions specific to the needs of our customers.

We offer expert advice, innovative design, high quality manufacture and remain with you for the life of equipment. Our skilled engineers will install and commission your handling equipment and train your staff. Our service department offers preventative maintenance and support to keep your handling machinery in good order and legally compliant.

Engineered Handling Solutions

Synonymous with quality, innovation, and outstanding service.

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Culture
  • Core Values

To experience the pleasure of being UK Market Leader in engineered materials handling solutions.

Enabling world-leading manufacturers to improve safety and efficiency by solving materials handling problems with the right solution rather than just a sale.

Our approach will be open, professional, and supportive. Our skilled team embody honesty, integrity, and flexibility to deliver reliable, high quality solutions, through innovation and continuous learning. We have a passion for elevating British Engineering to world leading status by solving handling conundrums where others would fear to tread.

  • Professional – behaving competently, reliably, and respectfully
  • Collaborative – cooperating, listening to others and working together
  • Innovative – embracing and adapting to new ideas with creativity and insight
  • Flexible – willing and able to adapt and respond to new and different circumstances
  • Customer Focussed – placing customer satisfaction at the heart of what we do, going the extra mile to secure the success of the business.

We are Trusted

We understand the challenges that you face and offer only impartial advice about what is right for your application. Our customers continue to return for our help decade after decade as testament to their trust in us.

Certified Products

Our products are CE marked, compliant with EN1570-1 regulations where applicable and delivered with a Declaration of Conformity. We have safe contractor accreditation and we are ISO 9001 certified.

Individual Needs

We provide advice, design, manufacture, installation, training and long term service and maintenance support. We are committed to delivering the right solution to improve your efficiency, safely, rather than just a sale.


We are experts in high quality lifting and handling solutions, including our range of industrial manipulators. We have a modern factory based in Worcestershire in the West Midlands where our designs are manufactured, usually, in-house.

Our customers are largely based in the United Kingdom, but we also have customers in Europe, China, USA and India. We have a team of skilled design, project and manufacturing engineers who share our core values, professional, collaborative, innovative, flexible and customer focussed.

We are experienced in delivering a range of solutions from simple pick and place activities to complex, turnkey production line scenarios using bespoke special purpose machinery, industrial manipulators, crane systems and conveyors.

The team will work closely with you to ensure that you receive the right solution, not just a sale for us. Our service team offers comprehensive on-site support, preventative maintenance, spares and training packages.


We were founded in 1994 by previous owner, Roger Pask. From inception our culture has been professional, collaborative and focused on excellent customer service underpinned by quality products.

The Company attracts skilled, innovative people and has a diverse and complimentary senior management team. In November 2018, the business was sold via Management Buy Out to Adam Hartley, Karie Burbeck and David Green, all three of us share a passion for serving world class manufacturers by enabling them to improve efficiency and safety. Our core values are the foundation on which Handling Concepts is built and provide the platform for continued success.

As owners, we value our customers, our staff and suppliers. We treat each other and those whom we encounter with dignity and respect.

We continue to build on our reputation as we grow. Our vision is to be the UK market leader in lifting and handling solutions by supporting the diverse and ever-changing face of manufacturing. We recognise that our greatest asset is our people and we invest in and support them to share our vision.


Every new project is met with an open and pragmatic approach. We keep in step with new technologies and techniques to ensure that we learn and evolve to produce the best solutions for our customers. 

We recruit intelligent, resourceful people who will go the extra mile to get a job done well. We will continue to educate ourselves and our team to ensure that we are fit to support with our customers today and in the future.

We have a passion for developing the engineers of the future and have an established placement programme for engineering undergraduates from some of our best universities.

Tailored to your individual operational requirements.

We take great care to ensure that our designs not only satisfy your handling needs but we also analyse every part of any project to detect any potential forms of failure and will only sign off a project in-house if it is safe. Safety risk assessments are highly important to us and it is legally what our CE marking is based upon.

Design & Manufacture

We have systems and processes in place to check and detail our work to produce DFMEA & RA. We will hold regular design reviews, internally and with you to ensure that we are both happy with the result. We understand that when you come to us, you must have the confidence and reassurance that we will deliver what is right for your company.

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Our Team

Multi-skilled, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanically skilled. Our dynamic team is committed to serving our customers well and providing you with the right material handling equipment.

David Green

David Green

  • Managing Director ·
David is an engineering professional with success in management, sales and design engineering. He is an engineer at heart and enjoys producing creative solutions to technical and business challenges. He…
Karie Burbeck

Karie Burbeck

  • Chief Operating Officer ·
Karie is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of Handling Concepts. She is a conscientious businesswoman who has achieved success in the private, public and third sectors.…
Adam Hartley

Adam Hartley

  • Commercial Director ·
Adam is an energetic, hard-working, knowledgeable and target driven sales engineer with an extensive, successful track record. He has been described as “innately charismatic and engaging”. He finds it easy…