Handling Concepts’ Placement Student Programme 2021

Each year, Handling Concepts welcomes undergraduate placement students from some of the best universities in the UK. The programme was founded because we are passionate about developing engineers for the future and to provide real-life engineering projects and business experience for those in their third year of university.

Goodbye Daphne and Barnaby!

We recently said farewell to our placement students for 2020/21, Daphne Psarra and Barnaby Roberts. They both spent the past year as part of our design team, helping solve handling problems for some of the world’s leading manufacturing companies.

Daphne and Barnaby showed dedication and resilience throughout their time here at Handling Concepts, overcoming the challenges COVID-19 presented. They made significant contributions and will be missed by all of us.

They are both now enjoying a summer break before returning to the University of Bath in the Autumn.

We wish them all the best with their final years, and we hope to see them again at this year’s Christmas party.

Placement Student Programme - Daphne and Barnaby


Daphne & Barnaby

Welcome Maxime and Hello Again Kit and Matt

We are pleased to welcome our 2021/22 placement student, Maxime (right). Originally from France, Maxime is studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath. He is an intelligent, lively addition to the team and has a passion for rock climbing and sports in his free time. Maxime is looking forward to learning as much as he can during his time here at Handling Concepts. He is keen to understand more about the materials handling industry, building a rapport with customers, and developing his skills further.

We are delighted to welcome back Kit Pethel (middle) and Matt Gibbons (left). Both Kit and Matt were previous placement students in the Handling Concepts’ design team, and we are thrilled that they have returned as full-time members of the Handling Concepts Team!

Kit has joined as one of our sales engineers. He is on hand to help with customers’ first enquiries, design their manual handling solution, and provide detailed a specification and proposal.

Matt continues his position in the design team, creating innovative solutions for customers, and helping resolve manual handling issues.

Both have dived headfirst into their roles, and it feels as if they never left.

All three are already providing fresh, open perspectives on our sales and design processes and we are looking forward to seeing their growth over the next year and beyond.

Placement Student Programme - Matt, Kit, Maxime


From left to right: Matt, Kit, Maxime

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