Communications Policy

We recognise that consistent, effective and appropriate communications – both external and internal – are essential if we are to achieve our aims and objectives. The aim of this Communications Policy is to ensure that all staff are aware of how communications are best conducted externally and internally, and who has responsibility for which aspects.

External Communications include all the messages and information that we give whether directly (through telephone calls, letters, e-mails, marketing materials, social media channels, online and press releases) or indirectly through the media and word of mouth. They also include the messages and information given to customers and key suppliers.

Internal Communications include all the messages and information (whether verbal or written) shared within the company,  between members of staff.

All communications must comply with the requirements of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

General Principles

  • All Communications are important as they play a positive role in the day-to-day operations of the Company and need to be considered carefully.
  • Courtesy, tact and consideration should guide all communications between staff and with the wider public.
  • Disparaging remarks about religion, ethnicity, sexual preferences, appearances or other personal aspects intended to be rude or make fun at anothers expense are not acceptable.
  • External and Internal Communications will form part of project and team planning, particularly when working with other companies.
  • Managers and staff at all levels have a responsibility to foster good communications internally and externally.
  • The company fosters a culture which encourages open clear communication, and the sharing of best practice and expertise.

Principles for External Communications

Corporate and marketing communications should be considered as part of the wider field of developing our reputation by;

  • Providing high-quality information about our capabilities, products, services, and projects,
  • Offering background and corporate information – principally through the website – as a reference source.
  • Ensuring the identity of the Company, as shown through all its print and digital communications, is clear, coherent and expresses our key values

Principles for Internal Communications

Internal communications are based on active management to ensure that;

  • staff are informed of the most important information relating to the good management of the Company including results on key performance indicators on a regular basis
  • regular exchanges through e-mail, meetings and telephone calls are thoughtful, respectful, efficient and well disciplined
  • an informal exchange of information is encouraged through personal contact, staff training and development events
  • staff are asked on a regular basis  about the efficacy of Internal Communications



  • are responsible for the overall clarity and coherence of the external communications.
  • will work to create an internal culture of open, honest, efficient and transparent communications.

Management Team

  • should be familiar with the contents of this policy
  • has overall responsibility for ensuring that staff share information and knowledge through the best external and internal communications.
  • individual members will ensure that their staff are thoughtful and consistent in their communications, and are aware of the principles.


  • should be aware of the contents of this policy
  •  are responsible for maintaining good internal and external communications, for suggesting improvements wherever possible and for reporting breaches of the Policy.


At quarterly, monthly, weekly and project and team meetings, staff will be updated on the current position on what can be communicated about particular projects and developments in the company.

Feedback from staff is actively encouraged at these meetings and is also sought by the Directors in their daily walkabouts.

Regular communication will be held with suppliers and weekly with customers to ensure all parties are well informed and issues are raised to be addressed in a timely way.

Breach of the Policy

Any actions taken by members of Gallery staff which contravene the Communications Policy will be dealt with by a line manager.


The Communications Policy will be reviewed every five years as part of the cycle of reviewing Gallery policies and procedures. The next review will be in autumn 2025.