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Handling Concepts is passionate about elevating British Engineering by enabling UK manufacturers to increase productivity safely. 

We’re confident in having the perfect solution for your operations and staff, with our range of specialist Manual Handling Equipment.

As a West Midlands and UK integrator, you can rely on Handling Concept’s 30 years of materials handling problem-solving to help you find the right solution for your business. You can unlock more value by investing in a machine-assisted workforce.

We offer a range of manual handling equipment designed to take the stress and physical burden off staff. Our specialist equipment will provide you with a safe and more efficient workflow, improving your business position overall.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

According to National statistics, 2021/22 saw 477,000 musculoskeletal injuries with 42% being back-related.

Manual handling equipment takes the weight off the operator and provides an easy, safe and efficient method for any movement. With specialist equipment in place, workers no longer find a need to perform these dangerous tasks.

You can view more of these statistics on the Health and Safety Statistics 2022 file (our statistics being taken from page 5).

Manual handling equipment is a very broad term which covers almost any manually operated equipment used to lift, lower, push, pull, transport etc. Being specialists in bespoke material handling solutions, there is no application where handling equipment can’t assist.

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Balance manipulators utilise pneumatic cylinders to counteract and match the weight of a product. The upward force supplied by the cylinders is equal and opposite to the downward force caused by the product. This means the force applied by the operator is only the force required to move the arm. This results in the product feeling weightless.

As the stress is placed upon the equipment, there is no physical strain on the operator. The job is no longer taxing on the body, so the operator will have more energy, more motivation and the overall morale will improve as the job becomes easier and quicker.

With specialist handling equipment, your process becomes more efficient, quicker and safer. With a more efficient system, you work more productively, therefore producing higher profits.

A quicker system results in greater throughput and targets are met earlier. A safer system sees reduced absences and higher motivation, increasing your staff’s drive as well.

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