Handling Concepts’ complete turnkey handling equipment offers you a materials handling solution that enables you to improve productivity and safety.

The Background

A leading UK Manufacturer of power transmission components was seeking to improve the safety and efficiency of its production operation using limited factory space. The company wanted a supplier to recommend, design, manufacture and install a full turnkey handling solution that could manipulate 25kg components. The customer was keen to invest in a flexible solution that would help enable them to carry out many different lifting applications in a safe, efficient way.

With a long-term relationship with Handling Concepts, the customer approached us to specify and deliver the solution.

The Problem

Safety of the operators was the first concern for the customer. The restrictive environment of the factory means that handling of the components would require repeated twisting, which presented a risk of back injury. The weight of the components was above the 12kg manual handling limit of the customer. The solution needed to be ergonomic, compact, and lightweight so that the strain on the operator was minimised. It also had to work with the factory layout, therefore, a full turnkey solution was needed to work with this.

Handling Concepts’ Material Handling Solution

Handling Concepts worked together with the customer to understand the desired outcomes and to create a solution that would work within the constraints of the environment. The solution involved a below-the-hook pneumatic gripper attached to an air hoist and jib crane that enabled the components to be gripped, lifted and easily moved between machines and stillages. The flexibility of the air hoist and jib crane ensured the gripper could be moved seamlessly in what is described as a ‘weightless’ experience. This motion reduces the impact of the load on the operator, creating a safe handling solution. Combined with the structure of the pneumatic air system, the risk of injury from repetitive motion or accidental release is minimised.

The pneumatic gripper, pictured below, is central to the handling solution. In addition, the handlebar design offers an ergonomic interface for the operator. Grip is achieved with aluminium jaws that reduce the risk of product damage and enables the lifting device to be used for other lifting applications.

The customer was thrilled with the outcome that Handling Concepts helped them to achieve. Operators have adapted quickly to the new equipment because of its flexibility and simplicity. The production operation achieves the desired speed, and the safe, efficient new system has resulted in increased productivity outputs.

If you would like more information about how a turnkey system or Below-The-Hook handling solution could help you solve a tricky handling problem, contact Handling Concepts today.

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