Case study: Siemens Flow Instruments

The Problem
An urgent need arose for Siemens Flow Instruments Ltd to manage their Flow Meter Bodies ranging from 800mm to 1200mm in diameter and with weights approaching 1.2 tons. They were getting increasingly difficult to manage in Production, given the scale of the component, with paintwork getting damaged.

The Solution
Siemens challenged Handling Concepts to design and produce a mechanism to turn them over to solve the problem, setting a time scale of 8 weeks [working from a detailed specification of weights, sizes and relationships with other production equipment].

We designed and produced a hydraulic platform to gently turn them over on nylon lined beds, and within the 8 week deadline! The system embodies safety and control equipment to protect against ‘runaway’ and prevent other undesirable operating conditions.

The Outcome
Philip Knight of Siemens said: “the Company is very professional and met our deadline with time to spare. I would highly recommend this company and the after sales service is excellent!”