Karie Burbeck

Karie Burbeck

Chief Operating Officer

Karie is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of Handling Concepts.

She is a conscientious businesswoman who has achieved success in the private, public and third sectors. She has a diverse range of work experience, in her first career, she was a detective in Thames Valley Police. After her first child was born, she studied with the CIM and commenced a new career in Marketing. This led to a number of opportunities and she has held executive and non-executive positions in business management, including health, education and manufacturing. She enjoys sharing her skills as Trustee for charities, currently with Age UK.

She believes in honesty, loyalty and commitment and in treating others with dignity and respect. She enjoys new challenges and constantly seeks to improve her skills and understanding of the world of business. She is passionate about customer service and believes that success is dependent on understanding the needs and expectations of others. She is highly resourceful and capable of managing a number of roles simultaneously. She has been an integral part of the growth of Handling Concepts. She is confident, decisive and has influenced the direction and culture of the business for 20 years. She is described as “Someone who truly makes things happen.” (Roger Pask, founder of Handling Concepts).

Karie values people and has a keen eye for spotting talented individuals who she nurtures and encourages to learn, develop and grow with the business. She is constantly scanning for opportunities to improve business operations and the effectiveness of the team. She is a very open individual and keen to receive feedback from customers and staff in order to continuously improve the business. At her core is a sincere empathy with individuals from any background. She seeks to put people at ease, earn trust and motivate them to aspire to high standards. She is highly professional and effective. She sets high standards of behaviour and quality of output and she will act quickly to resolve any issues if they arise.