Powered Lifting Gripper

Crane based grippers

Our crane-based grippers can be added to an existing crane system or supplied as part of a turnkey package. They can be used for pick and place as well as re-orientation of components underneath a crane hook. We offer hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and vacuum versions as well as manual/scissor grip.

Below-the-hook attachments can really extend the versatility of the traditional EOT crane. In low speed cycle work for gripping and turning-over various loads they are a low-cost approach to achieving the required result. Also, vacuum grip units working beneath a crane are ideal for non-porous sheet materials and have large grip capacity. We have built material handling solutions for large fabricated vessels, large pipe-fittings, press tools, steel sheet and many others.

Capacity and capability is only really limited by the crane itself and the constraints posed by the load to be lifted and the surrounding area.

Handling Concepts has built a number of these units from simple lifting beams and vacuum grips to complex clamping and over-turning devices.

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New Super-deduction tax break

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