Mobile Manipulator

Mobile Manipulator

Handling Concepts prides itself on providing the right material handling solution for its customers. Circumstances can require material handling equipment to make it easy to move items across sizeable areas.

Industries with moving conveyor lines, fast production times and work environment constraints find a mobile manipulator solves many manual handling problems.

What is a Mobile Manipulator?

A mobile manipulator is like an industrial manipulator but is set upon castors to allow it to become a portable material handling solution. It has the same rigid manipulator arm but is scaled down to make it transportable. It is ideal for moving and positioning loads with no travel restrictions.

Onboard there can be compressors, air tanks or batteries to allow complete freedom when moving. It can also utilise existing air, mains power sources or be manually operated. The manipulator’s arm provides the ability to lift and hold heavy loads. It can make complex manoeuvres whilst it has an object outside of its centre of mass. It is often used for more efficient and safe handling of bulk items.

Why are Mobile Manipulators used?

Mobile manipulators are ideal for providing readily available lifting equipment for your workers. They provide a tool to remove the burden of laborious manoeuvres such as gripping, lifting, holding and rotating loads. It is portable and also provides a cost-effective solution for covering sizeable areas.

It can keep up with fast moving productions processes seen in pick and packing applications.

It removes the main constraints of a traditional industrial manipulator, allowing the worker to move and create space for the load in the desired location.

The Benefits of using a Mobile Manipulator

Mobile manipulators can increase productivity and reduce injuries in the workplace. It benefits both the worker and the company and can help in various ways:

  • Lifting something too heavy for a person to handle manually.
  • Raising an item to a location that is not easily accessible for the person
  • Moving an item to a location that is across a long distance
  • Reducing the risk of Musculoskeletal injuries and repetitive strain injury through incorrect manual handling
  • Avoid employee fatigue
  • Improving the efficiency of the production line
  • Reducing the risk of workplace accidents and damage to products

A mobile manipulator is a brilliant choice for warehouses and production lines because of its balanced combination of speed and precision.

Handling Concepts Mobile Manipulator Solution

This mobile manipulator solution could lift loads up to 300kg. The machine gripped 3m long steel columns to rotate from the horizontal delivery position to the vertical, ready for fitting in a different location.

It included polyurethane faced grippers to avoid surface damage whilst enhancing grip.

It removed the need for workers to lift cumbersome columns manually, reducing the risk of workplace injuries and improving the efficiency of the production line.

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