Engineering Apprentices Wanted

Engineering Apprentices

Are you interested in the inner workings of the electrical and mechanical devices you see around you?

Does understanding how something comes together to create moving technology excite you?

Are you looking to take your first step towards a successful engineering career?

Handling Concepts has opportunities for passionate individuals to join our friendly engineering team.

As an engineering apprentice, you will aid the production team in building and installing bespoke lifting and handling equipment for businesses across the UK and the globe. This equipment is extremely valuable to our customers as it helps improve the safety and efficiency of their business.

Handling Concepts’ vision is to experience the pleasure of being UK Market Leaders for engineered materials handling solutions by May 2025. Our mission is to enable world-leading manufacturers to improve safety and efficiency by solving materials handling problems with the right solution rather than just a sale.

The ideal candidates should possess the following values:

  • Professional – behaving competently, reliably, and respectfully
  • Collaborative – cooperating, listening to others and working together
  • Innovative – embracing and adapting to new ideas with creativity and insight
  • Flexible – willing and able to adapt and respond to new and different circumstances
  • Customer Focussed – placing customer satisfaction at the heart of what you do, going the extra mile to secure the success of the business

If you feel these are qualities you possess, an apprenticeship with Handling Concepts could be the ideal place for you to grow and develop your engineering knowledge.

Handling Concepts welcomes individuals who are passionate about learning and developing their skill set. Whether you want to focus on mechanical engineering or prefer electrical engineering, or you want to understand the sales and design process, you will have access to practical, hands-on experiences and a dedicated college course to aid you in your continuous learning.

We are open, professional, and supportive. Our skilled team delivers reliable, high-quality solutions through innovation and continuous personal progression. We have a passion for elevating British Engineering to world leading status by solving handling conundrums where others would fear to tread.

If you’re looking to start your engineering career and are passionate about solving problems for leading manufacturing businesses, apply today by calling 01527 570 900 or send your CV and cover letter to:

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