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The world has recognised that automation is the next stage of manufacturing and the latest innovations in robotic technology show this.

At Handling Concepts, we specialise in two main types of robotic automation- Cobots (collaborative robots) and AMRs (autonomous mobile robots)We currently offer a range of CR Series Dobots, as well as a selection of MiRs, to match every production need.

With over 25 years of experience in automating production operations, Handling Concepts can help you to integrate leading-edge robotic arm solutions into your workplace.

Uses of Automated Robotics

  • Pick and Place 
  • Assembly
  • Mobile workbenches
  • Autonomous deliveries
  • Dispensing
  • Finishing
  • Machine Tending
  • Material Handling
  • Palletising
  • Quality Inspection
  • Welding

Our video shows MiRs in the workplace and how they have helped different operations. Visit our Vimeo for more content showing the application of our systems.

How Will Automation Help My Workplace?

Both Cobots and AMRs can be seamlessly integrated into the workplace, to address a number of problems. These systems can be deployed in almost any situation with minimal training. Below are just a few of the benefits that these can provide:

  • Improve workforce morale. Cobot systems can take on monotonous and unfulfilling jobs that your employees do not enjoy doing. These can then allow employees to retrain and take on more challenging roles than before.
  • Build up an automated foundation. AMRs work as a great base for other robots to be integrated with, including Cobot systems. These systems are cost-effective as well, providing ROI past the initial financing.
  • Operate with minimal adjustments. AMRs are taking over from AGVs (automated guided vehicles) because of their advanced laser scanners, allowing them to map their environment and find the best route, even in busy work areas. This means that they need little adjustments to fit into the workplace, compared to the previously used AGVs, which required a physical route put in place.
  • They offer a solution to labour shortages. Automated robots do not require extensive training courses and can be deployed in nearly any position required on a production line. They do not require breaks, sick days or holidays and so can continue working past restricted hours of a regular employee, also.
  • See more consistent results. Cobots and AMRs do not get tired or lose concentration on a task, meaning a standard of quality is much easier to repeat.

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Handling Concepts' Collaborative Robot Solutions

Handling Concepts is passionate about elevating British Engineering by enabling UK manufactures to increase productivity safely. The Handling Concepts Cobot range gives you access to a selection of affordable, intuitive, and flexible collaborative robot arms. They are easy to set up and programme; they are off-the-shelf and can be tailored to fit in to your operation to automate dirty, dangerous, and dull tasks.  

As your West Midlands and UK integrator, you can rely on Handling Concept’s 25 years of materials handling problem solving to help you find the right Cobot solution for your business. You can unlock more value by investing in a machine assisted workforce.  

For advice on a safe, flexible Cobot for industrial use, contact us today to learn more about the robotic arms product range.

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