The Benefits of Working with a Safe Contractor Approved Company

Safe Contractor is recognised as a leading third-party accreditation which sets the benchmark for health and safety management amongst contractors. It is used by thousands of organisations.

It represents the standards of the business from whom you are buying services and identifies consistent and in-depth health and safety management. Handling Concepts believes in the benefits of ensuring that it meets the requirements of Safe Contractor and has invested in the accreditation to provide safe and efficient working practices for staff and customers.

Safe Contractor has resulted in Handling Concepts’ customers enjoying the following benefits:

Customer Satisfaction

Customers experience a dedicated sales process with recognised responsibilities for health and safety management. This is defined in all of its processes, from first enquiries to the installation of a project and beyond. All staff are trained and adhere here to these processes, giving customers confidence that they will find a handling solution that is right for the job, safe and legally compliant.

Legal Compliance

Health and safety legislation and compliance places many responsibilities and requirements for the manufacturing and construction industries. These functions have become increasingly more challenging for businesses to monitor. Handling Concepts is accredited by Safe Contractor, so that customers are assured that they are working with a supplier who takes its responsibilities seriously and is proactive in putting in place policies and practices that have been verified by a leading organisation for top health and safety management and compliance.

Proven Business Credentials

The Safe Contractor badge of accreditation demonstrates that Handling Concepts’ customers can be confident that they are working with a supplier that takes its responsibilities seriously and has welcomed independent verification that it meets the most recognised industry standard.

Safe Contractor standards have been adopted by Handling Concepts to build confidence and reassurance for customers and to ensure that materials handling equipment is delivered with full safety compliance. If you would like to experience an elevated level of health and safety when you are seeking a handling solution, please contact us today.

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