7 Ways Materials Handling Equipment Can Improve Your Business

Over recent years, there has been rapid and consistent growth in the manufacturing and construction industries, resulting in a high demand for materials handling equipment. The world market encompassed over 1.6 million units in 2020, up from 1.5 million units in 2019. Many businesses are adopting the use of this equipment to help achieve safety and productivity goals. Read on to find the 7 ways materials handling equipment can help you improve your goals.

1. Maximise Your Space

When you are devising a strategy to grow your business, it is very easy to jump ahead to finding a larger factory or warehouse. With forethought, understanding how you can optimise the space and workflow by planning how you will manage your products and materials throughout the production process is key. Selecting materials handling equipment at that stage will enable you to create more ergonomic, productive operation. 

For example, a travelling slewing jib crane can be mounted onto the existing steelwork of an overhead crane to keep floor space free. It can operate at the same time as an overhead crane without interference. There are many examples of how materials handling equipment can cohabit in the same space with other handling solutions, such as industrial manipulators and production machinery, thus safely maximising the space available to you in your factory.

With advanced planning of the layout of your production and materials handling equipment, you will not only enhance the use of your workspace but also save costs associated with relocation or additional buildings.

Travelling Slewing Jib Crane

2. Save Money

Investing in materials handling equipment can help you save money because it enables you to manage products more safely and efficiently within your production facility.

This equipment enables your team to complete challenging and often repetitive tasks, speeding up the process safely. You can also reduce the number of workers needed to sort and handle your products. This can save money on labour costs and decrease the risks associate with manual handling.

By regularly maintaining your handling equipment with preventative maintenance and LOLER inspections, you can also save money and reduce the costs associated with breakdowns and workflow disruption. Handling Concepts recommends spares and service plans for materials handling equipment. Prevent disruption and ensure the safety of your workers by keeping your production lines functioning and your business legally compliant.

3. Reduce Manual Handling

Materials handling equipment will add a layer of protection to your workers. Mechanical handling of the product by lifting, gripping, and manipulating reduces the physical impact on the worker, whereby the risk of injury is minimised and helps avoid musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.

Handling equipment is often described as a ‘weightless’ or ‘floating’ experience. This results in less exertion, reducing worker fatigue. By removing the burden of manual handling from your worker, you will create a safer, happier workplace. Your productivity will increase, and you will see fewer days lost because of worker absences caused by lifting and handling injuries.

To learn the true cost these injuries can have on your business, you can read Handling Concepts’ blog on this here

4. Increase Work Efficiency and Productivity

What will an increase in productivity mean for your business? Productivity can be measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input. If you are seeing a greater output than your input, you will see an increase in productivity.

Materials handling equipment takes the strain of cumbersome, repetitive tasks away from your workers. With fewer injuries and less effort required, the worker will be happier and healthier, resulting in an increase in their own efficiency. This will help speed up your production time and increase the number of units you can produce.    

Production efficiencies lead to increased productivity, safety, and sustainability. Speeding up your process will enable you to increase output and help you grow profitably.

5. Decrease Product Damage

By reducing manual handling, you will lessen the risk of human error. When your workers are tired or injured, it will inevitably lead to reduced concentration and dexterity, resulting in the likelihood that they may accidentally drop or damage your product.

Experienced suppliers like Handling Concepts will customise handling equipment to include bespoke features for protecting your products. For example, below-the-hook lifting devices can include polyurethane grippers to avoid surface damage whilst enhancing grip. 

Where materials handling equipment takes the strain from the worker, products and components are handled for the minimal time possible and are less likely to be dropped or damaged.

6. Improved Customer Service

By accessing the benefits of mechanical handling systems, you will experience enhanced productivity, which will improve quality and delivery times to keep on top of demand. Customers will be delighted!

Happy customers result in referrals, recommendations for repeat business and opportunities from new customers.

7. Attract Employees and Improve Worker Satisfaction

A safe workplace promotes a positive culture. If your workers enjoy working for your business, they will encourage others to join.

Materials handling equipment is an attractive incentive for workers who can feel confident in their employer to ensure staff wellbeing. It will enable tasks to be handled safely and accurately, which may address pain points potential candidates had in their previous job.

This equipment makes challenging tasks easier for workers and puts their safety at the forefront of the business whilst ensuring efficiency is not lost.

Start Accomplishing More

By investing in materials handling equipment for your business, you will make a positive impact on your worker satisfaction, safety, and efficiency. You will accomplish more in the working day, with higher product yields, cost savings on labour and fewer days lost due to work absence.

Working with a materials handling equipment supplier like Handling Concepts is a great way to put a plan in place for improving your business. With almost 30 years in the industry, you can rely on expert knowledge and experience from engineers who will provide you with the right solution to your handling needs through our first-class customer service and comprehensive assessment of your requirements. Contact Handling Concepts today by filling out our online contact form or by calling 01527 570 900 and take a crucial step to improving your business.

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