The Importance of Spare Parts Management in Production and Maintenance

Handling Concepts' Spare Parts Management Box

In 2018, Oneserve commissioned a survey that found most manufacturers experienced machinery downtime every 2.5 months, costing on average £12,042 each time. Over a year, this means your business could lose over £60,000 because of machinery breakdowns. The impact of this is not only costly but can also result in delivery delays, which can reduce […]

5 Tips for Handling Heavy Loads Safely

Your business is likely to have operated by handling heavy loads manually and you have probably used some machinery to help you to get the job done. You may have been lucky enough to have avoided the cost and chaos of work-related injuries and feel confident that your working practices are sufficiently safe. However, you […]

What are the 5 Main Injuries Resulting from Manual Handling?

Back Injury from Poor Manual Handling Techniques

Lifting, carrying, pushing, and operating machinery are just some activities that come under the term manual handling. In most manufacturing industries, manual handling is a regular action taken by workers, so it is no surprise that poor manual handling techniques account for over a third of all workplace injuries. The list of potential injuries from […]

The Benefits of Working with a Safe Contractor Approved Company

Safe Contractor is recognised as a leading third-party accreditation which sets the benchmark for health and safety management amongst contractors. It is used by thousands of organisations. It represents the standards of the business from whom you are buying services and identifies consistent and in-depth health and safety management. Handling Concepts believes in the benefits […]