Mobile Manipulators

Circumstances sometime require materials handling equipment which can move around a larger area and a mobile solution becomes appropriate.

The Famatec Gingo mobile manipulator arm can form the basis of many such solutions and with capacities up 300kg can be used to manipulate and position loads with no travel limitations. Available with on board battery pack and compressor or as a hose – linked unit for local use.

As with other Famatec products, we design and construct the tooling locally in collaboration with you, the customer; fitting it to a volume-built lift unit made by Famatec in Italy. Thus while Famatec concentrate on the lift unit, we concentrate on your problem.

In addition lightweight stackers and fork-lift trucks can provide a basis for the construction of a mobile solution and Handling Concepts have developed machines for drum handling, paper roll handling and many other applications.

The capacity of the truck, available space and the nature of the load to be dealt with are the main constraints on what can be done.

Handling Concepts will provide you with high quality engineered handling solutions across all manufacturing industry. We will help you improve safety and optimise productivity by delivering outstanding customer service and after-sales support.

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