Glass Handling

FAMATEC have a long proven record solving glass handling problems – both in fitting and in processing.

The FRV range of in-process handlers use non-marking vacuum cups to grip the glass and can offer a number of different options to re-orientate the glass from simple transfer; tilting between horizontal and vertical (or near vertical on A Frames and process beds; even rotation of the sheet from Portrait to Landscape for edging operations.

The FRV tilting mechanism also has a safety feature wherein the action of tilting to the horizontal, forces the operator’s handles away from the approaching edge of the glass and helping protect the legs.

Meanwhile, the new Gingo mobile manipulator was designed to help the glazing industry with site installation work where its multiple manipulation allows glass installation in a ‘weightless’ mode but also assists in transport inside buildings due to its compact dimensions and ‘side-loading’ ability.

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