Famatec Flexible Units

FAMATEC, material handling equipment manufacturers, have been making rigid arms and flexible rope lifters since 1988 and have a wealth of experience in this type of hoist design.

We design and construct the tooling locally in collaboration with you, the customer; fitting it to a volume-built lift unit made by Famatec in Italy. Thus while Famatec concentrate on the lift unit, we concentrate on your problem.

Material handling equipment – ‘almost weightless’– as the load floats on a cushion of air.

Tooling below a flexible rope unit is normally simple for straightforward ‘pick & place’ activities but can sometimes incorporate a degree of active re-orientation.

Wide range of capacity and working radius options – fitted on simple vertical columns or mounted on power-operated overhead track systems for wide area coverage. Radius can be up to 3 metres and working capacity up to 130kg.

The flexible rope hoist design means that the operation is fast and for simple tasks this is the best material handling equipment to use.