Case Study Seat Handling


1        Overview

We work, in partnership, with customers, to help you increase productivity safely.  Our customer in this study has team of specially trained engineers working on its assembly line where they are required to lift cab seats weighing 55kg to a height of 1500mm, then turn them 90 degrees from the ground.  This is a difficult and cumbersome process.

After some research, the customer approached us to provide a solution that not only ensures that staff can operate safely at work the station but also is able to increase the speed of productivity.  We recommended a Famatec manipulator with a bespoke turnover device.

Our customer is a world renowned supplier of construction machinery, and has always ensured that it utilises the most up to date equipment to help its staff to deliver high quality products in a safe and timely manner.  Prior to installation of the HCL Famatec handling the application of the seats achieved by using a traditional form of manipulator that was helping to achieve part of the handling activity but it did not facilitate the necessary turning function. The customer realised that this led to inefficiencies and safety risks.  The task was labour intensive, requiring two engineers to manually handle the seats for turning.  The operation consists of picking up various seat sizes from the floor, lifting them up in a weightless condition before turning through 90 degrees (horizontal).  The seat is then maneuvered into to the cab through the front window with very little clearance as the window space is only 2 inches bigger than the seat itself.  It must then be turned back through 90 degrees and released inside the cab.

2        Solution

HCL is a leading handling specialist with 25 years’ experience in design and manufacture of high-quality engineered solutions for customers across all manufacturing industries. It approaches each customer’s handling problem pragmatically and individually to ensure that the right solution is found in every case.  The customer sought help from HCL to recommend a more encompassing solution to replace the existing lifting unit with a Famatec manipulator, tailored to meet its specific requirements for the cab seat application. The result is that the turn-over functionality, allows the seat to be placed directly inside the cab, by one man, safely and with ease.

3        Results

HCL engineers worked closely with the customer to understand the specific requirements of this challenging application to design a bespoke solution that precisely meets needs and requirements including Health and Safety regulations.

This successful application is the starting point for future investments in new lifting equipment for glass handling and door lifting.